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(TDE) encrypts SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and Azure SQL Data Warehouse data files, known as encrypting data at rest.

TDE does not increase the size of the encrypted database.

Algorithms supported: Cast-128, Gost, Rijndael-128, Twofish, Arcfour, Cast-256, Loki97, Rijndael-192, Saferplus, Wake, Blowfish-compat, Des, Rijndael-256, Serpent, Xtea, Blowfish, Enigma, Rc2, Tripledes.

Modes supported: CBC, CFB, CTR, ECB, NCFB, NOFB, OFB.

Information applicable to SQL Database When using TDE with SQL Database V12 the server-level certificate stored in the master database is automatically created for you by SQL Database.

To move a TDE database on SQL Database you must decrypt the database, move the database, and then re-enable TDE on the destination SQL Database.

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