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Important plot devices in the film and personal details about the main characters were all liberally adapted for the movie.

Old Man Clanton actually died prior to the gunfight and probably never met any of the Earps.

They successfully kept Josephine's name out of Lake's biography of Wyatt and after he died, Josephine threatened to sue the movie producers to keep it that way.

James Earp, who was the first to die in the story, actually lived until 1926.Angry over Doc's hasty flight Chihuahua starts an argument with Clementine. He notices Chihuahua is wearing a silver cross that had been taken from his brother James the night he'd been killed. Wyatt chases down Doc, with whom he has had a testy relationship.Doc forces a shoot-out, ending with Wyatt shooting a pistol out of Doc's hand.She is given a room at the same hotel where both Wyatt and Doc Holliday reside.Chihuahua, a hot-tempered Latina love interest of Doc's, sings in the local saloon.

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