Dating honda 55 scooter

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Releasing the throttle also activates motor braking, which slows the bike like a traditional gas motor and puts volts back into the cells.”Although the e CUB looks ultra minimalistic, it’s fully wired up with a front headlight, a rear brake LED and flashing LED blinkers.

THE COMPANY Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) is a wholly-owned Indian subsidiary of Honda Motor Company, Limited, Japan.Headquartered in Tokyo, it has manufacturing operations in 32 countries with 109 production bases.The company principle of Honda Worldwide is supplying products of the highest quality at a reasonable price.We hit our target mark—a 50 km range driving at 50 kph.”That’s a huge achievement given the compact size of the bike, and makes the e Cub a practical vehicle for city use.“With the Kelly KLS controllers acceleration is smooth.

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