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Of course, the gods have a punchy way to deliver happenstance.

And this morning for GQ at least, it comes in the form of a road-traffic accident inside the Blackwall Tunnel, the main traffic artery from inner London to the O2.

Johnny Deep could afford to get the tattoo removed completely, and obviously having "wino forever" on your body is not a great idea.

He turned his sweet tattoo into one that says "I drink a lot."Photo: Pinterest Adrienne Bailon: Adrienne Bailon got "Kardashian" tattooed on her ass when she was dating Rob Kardashian, who then cheated on her.

Photo: Pinterest Johnny Depp: This is probably the worst tattoo cover up of all time.

When you can change a tattoo to something else as opposed to removing it, it is usually a bad move. Johnny Depp changed his "Winona forever" tattoo to "Wino forever." That's how you get back at somebody, turn the tattoo about them into an obnoxious tattoo.

Harry: I know the number of people I’ve slept with, yes.

After they broke up the singer added more stars in order to change the tattoo.If I have to explain further why that was a bad idea, I don't want to live on this planet anymore.Photo: Pinterest Russell Brand and Katy Perry: The Russell Brand/Katy Perry marriage was a romance for the ages.You see, the cover claims Harry's "up all night to get lucky" and teases the number of his sexual partners. When you read deeper, however, you learn Harry has essentially been cornered by this reporter.

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