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'It would have been 28 if the Beatles had waited another week to release their remastered albums,' he adds, so all in all not a bad showing.

I am going to start a page for 'fan reviews' of LCTWWM, probably called something like 'Your Thoughts.' So once you've had time to digest the album, why not sent me your thoughts (you see the tie-in?

Perhaps the best news is a charity project which the mysterious (hailed as 'Sprout fan of the year' by some) has spearheaded, supporting the work of The Sage, Gateshead, which 'bison' says is 'literally changing the world with music.' Wendy and Martin are linked to The Sage, and anecdotal evidence has Wendy shedding a tear when the first donation was presented.

All the information you need is in the first post Some of the interpretations are quite faithful to the original versions and some are quite massively reworked, but always with love and care…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all you fine Sprout fans! It's very close-miked; it feels like he's singing to you.

Unless you don't celebrate Christmas, in which case Happy Holidays...unless you follow the Chinese calendar, in which case, Happy New Year for February 3rd. I think Paddy Mc Aloon always wanted to sound like Gershwin or something, and this was just as far in that direction as I wanted him to go.

He also reported that a key line from legendary unheard Sprout song 'Snowy Rents a Dog' is: 'The loveless lonely sometimes jog, but poor old snowy, rents a dog.' I felt like I should pass that on. (Almost.) Thomas Dolby 'twittered' a report that Martin and Wendy would be 'guest stars' at his gig in London on February 28th, which has since been confirmed.

I feel like things will be starting to quiet down now, at least a bit, so I'll take this opportunity to thank everyone who's contributed to the site in the last few months - it certainly has been quite an experience.The obvious question came up about when Paddy is planning to release anything new and Martin's response was basically not anytime soon...Also on getting back together as the Prefab Sprout both Martin and Wendy did not think that would ever happen.The recording is located on Paddy Mc Aloon wrote these songs which were recorded in my house in Esh, County Dunham, before their group Prefab Spout became world famous.These are their earliest recordings from the mid 1970's. His brother Martin is on bass and I play keyboards. from the forums, where forum-dwellers were given the chance to listen to the entirely of the new album by a generous German radio host known as Arnie.

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