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Please take some time to read through our RULES before making use of our services.Below is a list (ordered by date, newest first) of our recent news and events.2016-07-02: CHANNEL STATISTICS IMPROVED (Posted by Cutting Edge)We've added more content to the channel information page for each channel, in the form of a user concurrency graph for channels that maintain 10 or more users.Essentially, this means you'll always be connected to the fastest, available server. We've created a user dashboard that'll allow you to see what channels you own (including current/max users and expiration date), as well as what memos you've been sent.Combined with our DNS pool automation, you'll also only be assigned to pools that have servers that are online and connected to the rest of our network.2016-03-19: WEBSITE IMPROVEMENTS (Posted by Cutting Edge)We've added a new Activity Map to our USERS page, that displays a map of where our users are based (grouped by country), as well as their associated totals. Click HERE to login now.2016-02-09: IT STARTS (Posted by Cutting Edge)Today we sat down, compiled our IRC server software, linked everything together and formed an alternative South African IRC Network.Mit seinem mächtigen Greifer schlug der blaue Koloss bis in die 1980er-Jahre rund zehn Millionen Tonnen Kies und Sand um.Ende 1998 wurde die Förderung eingestellt, vier Jahre später wurde der Kran als „bedeutendes Industriedenkmal“ in die städtische Denkmalliste eingetragen.

They can be found under the graph tab for each respective type. We aim to be a friendly, secure IRC network providing our users with a clean, fun and memorable chat experience. What this means to you, is that you'll always be able to connect to a valid server, without any intervention on your part.2016-03-09: IDLERPG GAME BOT (Posted by Cutting Edge)The (very popular) Idle RPG game bot is now live and functional in #idlerpg for those of you that are keen. The game requires you to simply idle, in order to increase your level and battle other players.2016-03-08: ICECAST RADIO BOT (Posted by Cutting Edge)We've created a new bot that'll periodically pull the current song, listener count (with peak) from the #voiceoverradio channel music stream.2016-03-07: NEWS FEED BOTS (Posted by Cutting Edge)We've recoded both the #news and #mybroadband channel bots from scratch. Should be a lot more stable/faster now.2016-02-28: TRIVIA IMPROVEMENTS (Posted by Cutting Edge)We've added some under the bonnet improvements to both the #trivia and #flinkdink channel bots, including new commands for #trivia (! free indian dating chat site Noch lange nicht zum alten Eisen gehört der Kran, der seit 1928 am Monbag-See an der Opladener Straße steht.

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