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We’d been hired to provide entertainment during the opening weekend of “Real Pirates” at the Franklin Institute.

Since his theme for the previous year has been, “taking control,” he decided not to wait for his hair to fall out.

In South Korea, the T-CLUB, a publication from Chunjae Education, is an English magazine for English teachers across Korea. T-CLUB will be printing a special four-page article on the holiday, using material from our website, and offering youngsters on the peninsula the chance to discover their inner pirate. ” I walked right into that one, I guess, and have no one to blame but meself.” Jefferson County, Colorado – The Jefferson Couny Public Library in Evergreen, Conifer and Arvada will host event for the wee sprogs Sept. An entire day of pirate movies and other activities! Here’s hoping you made it out to one or two of them (at least) and had a great time.

Richmond, Virginia – Scarlett Kits, writes to tell us that Talk Like a Pirate Day is a “magical” time of year for her. Two years ago I dressed as a pirate on a German band road trip and served pina colatas and lime sodas on route. Each year I dress as a pirate varying degrees.” This year, “I will be at a professional function and you bet your bottom galleon I’ll be dressed piratey! 19 at all three locations, with movies, paaarties and lots of other fun things planned. the lineup includes “Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything,” “Muppets Treasure Island,” “The Pirates! There’s still a bunch more to go – Seadog Nights and Seafair in the Northwest, Beaufort in North Carolina, and many more.

– that they’ve gone over the board and left us in the lurch! All I can say is – as some of you may know – I live in Louisiana these days, but still work for the Virgin Islands Source, and the U. The Mid-Willamette Vally YMCA was the site where Cap’n Slappy and I came up with the idea of International Talk Like a Pirate Day. One day we started insulting each other in pirate palaver, and before you know it, we had created a holiday.

That crazy idea back in 1995 grew quietly for five years, then exploded in 2002 and took the world like Morgan’s fleet taking Maracaibo. But if we cared what other people thought, we’d never have come up with the idea in the first place.

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