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With some trial-and-error (and menu customizations) you’ll be able to do everything you want and probably some cool new stuff you didn’t even think about trying.The 2.6-inch 65K color transflective display looks a lot better in person than it sounds on paper.It also has profiles for automotive and marine use, so it’s one GPS device that can handle just about all your location-based activities.That doesn’t necessarily mean that it will excel at all activities–for example text input isn’t great and the small display means it’s not great on the dashboard–but this is a versatile device.The external connection on the 62 is handled by USB while the other two models get high-speed USB.The GPSMAP 62 is very similar to the 62s, but there are reasons why lots of people will be making the upgrade.The 62 series does not float but it is waterproof to the IPX7 standard and quite rugged.

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The USB port is sealed behind a flap, as is the MCX antenna connection, the battery compartment locks closed, and the device is rubberized so it’s easy to grip.

Past the expandable storage and high-speed USB connection (both of which are quite attractive) the 62s gets a tilt-compensated, 3-axis electronic compass (the 62 does not have a compass), a barimetric altimeter, wireless and unit-to-unit transfer with other Garmin devices.

Also the highlight color on the front of the device is red-orange, as opposed the 62’s yellow.

The device doesn’t generate any heat and it’s large with rounded edges, so it’s comfortable to hold for extended periods of time.

Overall the hardware is a bit bulky but it definitely accomplishes all its goals.

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