How europe is accomodating muslims

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Church - The archbishop of Veszprem in Hungary is denouncing the open border policies in Europe, saying the massive migration is pushed financially by the Arabs with the goal to "destabilize Europe." interview on Wednesday.

"The earth must become dar al-Islam, that is, Islamic territory, by introducing Shariah — Islamic law. They do not let them come into Qatar or the United Arab Emirates, but they give them money and incite them to immigrate here, such as the destabilization of Europe and the Euro." When asked about Pope Francis' recent comments in a plane interview concerning the welcoming of Islamic migrants in Christ's name, Abp.

And that is raising a much larger issue for Sweden.

Should the native population adjust to immigrant groups' different lifestyles by accommodating women-only swimming and the like, thus providing access to Muslim newcomers who would otherwise not feel comfortable in gender-equal conditions?

The issue is explored in a comparative context across several jurisdictions and case law is examined in the contexts of family law, business and crime from selected jurisdictions with significant Muslim minority populations including: Australia, Canada, England and Wales, and the United States.

The book examines how Muslims and the broader community have framed their claims for recognition against a backdrop of terrorism fears, and how Common Law judiciaries have responded within their constitutional and statutory confines and also within the contemporary contexts of demands for equality, neutrality and universal human rights. Contextualising Shari’ah in the Common Law World 3.

The furor over the handshaking incident led him to resign.

Knowledge Minister Aida Hazialic, herself a Muslim, declared herself upset over his handshake refusal and pointed out that Sweden “is a country where we treat men and women the same way.”But at least at the Hyllie sports center in Malmö, segregated policies still have appeal.

Salim Farrar and Ghena Krayem consider the question of recognition of Sharīʽah by looking at how the flexibilities that exists in both the Common Law and Sharīʽah provide unexplored avenues for navigation and accommodation.Shire adds, because they don't have to feel uncomfortable over their wives swimming in front of other men.“Even if you swim in your pajamas, your husband won't like it,” she explains.This month Sweden's democracy minister, Alice Bah Kuhnke, told Swedish TV that gender-segregated swimming hours – as the system is often referred to – are problematic and called mixed-gender swimming “a victory after many years and generations of gender-equality struggle.”In Malmö, Iva Parizkova Ryggeståhl and her fellow members of the local International Women's Association have spent a great deal of time talking about gender-separated swimming.At first, they weren't sure how to feel about it, but now they've decided they're opposed to it.“Men who are not comfortable being in the same swimming pool as women should not be there,” Ms. “And we women shouldn't care whether men are looking at us in the swimming pool or not, and whether they get jealous or not.”By contrast, supporters of gender-separated swimming hours maintain that without the separation Muslim women would never get a chance to swim.

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