Is online dating full of weirdos and eccentrics

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Don't get it twisted—hip-hop has always been full of eccentrics and rappers who've gone against the grain, since even before Kool Keith and the Ultramagnetic MCs, before the days of Humpty Hump, as far back as Rammellzee.

(If you don't know "Beat Bop," you really have to hear it—not just for its Basquiat-designed cover art.) But for those who don't know, now you do: in the modern era, Andre 3000 paved the way. There was a time when Kanye West was too weird for his labelmates on Roc A Fella to take him seriously as a rapper—or so the legend goes.

He’s the young master to one of the kingdom’s oldest and wealthiest Norman families.

Through his mother, he is related to a powerful line of earls.

Or will someone else from the past destroy everything Darcy has worked for? And here is the cover that seems to capture the book so well: And the entire print cover: Wow!

The mask hints at some secrecy, and the statute on the back cover has a vulnerability about it that just tears at my heart!

Earlier this year, Troy Ave went through a mini-firestorm—"mini" firestorms being about what he can generate this far into his career—where he had the temerity to call Kendrick Lamar a "weirdo rapper." This was a little different than when Prodigy clowned Redman and Keith Murray, saying in an skit that they released "that crazy space shit that don't even make no sense." He clarified that he didn't mean it as a diss. But the idea that someone could be shocked by this says more about where hip-hop is these days than it does Troy Ave.

In the meantime, here is an excerpt to whet your appetite: A large, stern man hovered over Fitzwilliam Darcy’s sobbing mother. He looked strange, unfamiliar and in clothing that showed no signs of wear.It let a guy who was too much of an individual to box into the mainstream/conscious rap dichotomy find some purchase in the marketplace. Likewise, you've probably heard a generation of kids—like Odd Future, say—talk about how influenced they were by the alternative style and aesthetic approach of Skate Board P.Pharrell Williams wasn't a rapper (and when he was, he wasn't much of one), but he was an icon for the left-of-center mindset in hip-hop, one that proved a certain amount of stylish savvy that stood apart from the mainstream without seeming to reject it.And she is generously sharing an excerpt and a giveaway with you as well!Before I show you the beautiful cover for To the world, Fitzwilliam Darcy has it all.

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