January jones dating Hallelujah single alexandra burke

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Sometimes people just want to have fun adult time away from their children without feeling pressure to be anything more.

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He never receives any negative feedback from his friends, and doesn’t discriminate against single mothers though he has no children of his own.One woman kept him and her child separate because their “friends with benefits” situation didn’t call for that level of connection.Another wanted her child to call him “Daddy” after only four months of dating, so he had to fall back from that situation."But the person who wrote the interview did the math and thought it might be him; I never really said who it was."As for Kutcher, Jones said, "I haven't talked to him." She did want to send her ex a message, though. "I'm super happy for him and his family," she said, adding, "to be political and all that."Curious, Andy Cohen asked, "Was it him?

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