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Bruce Springsteen’s new album has been hailed as a soundtrack for Obama’s re-election, especially the song “We Take Care of Our Own” (“wherever this flag’s flown”).

Springsteen is lauded for going on “a tear to raze Wall Street and raise Main Street.” This is where author Jason Mattera comes in to laugh and point with the facts in his new book “Hollywood Hypocrites.” A truly amazing coincidence happened on Monday night as former President George W.

Rabbi Hanoch Hecht’s six minutes of Torah in Manhattan one recent day lasted seven and a half hours.

Earlier this month, the rabbi, an emissary of the Chabad-Lubavitch chasidic movement in upstate Rhinebeck, arrived at a.m.

But first Bono assailed, “America is the best idea the world ever came up with.

Usually he arranges a dozen in-and-out sessions; sometimes, up to 18. The rabbi typically meets with a single student; sometimes, a few at a time.

Sometimes in a private office, sometimes in a conference room, sometimes in a boiler room – wherever space is available.

But, he said, “the rabbi makes it very accessible,” speaking in terms of general ethical principles. “If you spend 10 minutes you’ve messed up the entire point,” he said. Hecht, offered the classes in Hong Kong during a two-year stint there.

First, Rabbi Hecht asks about each student’s family. “I’m in and out.” While he doesn’t know of any Manhattan rabbis doing what he is doing, about a half dozen rabbis, all Orthodox so far, including two in his extended family, have started teaching their own “6-Minute Rabbi” classes in the New York area — and beyond. The short time frame “worked unbelievably” in the Chinese city’s high-pressure community of foreign Jewish businessmen, he said. it became a ‘cool thing.’” Since Rabbi Hecht’s cousin, Rabbi Moshe Hecht, added the mini-classes to his teaching schedule at the Chabad of Windsor Terrace five years ago, he said he’s seen an impact. Dean Palin, who works in real estate, started studying with Rabbi Hanoch Hecht about four years ago and has kept it up. I make time for it,” he said, noting that he shares the lessons with his children over Shabbat.

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