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In April 2013, the Commission for Gender Equality also stated its support for decriminalization.They argued that current laws violate sections of the constitution, and that sex workers would be better protected if the law is changed.Despite the announcement by the ruling party, Sweat is treading with caution."We remain cautiously optimistic as this is not the first time that the ANC [has] expressed support for the decriminalisation of sex work," read the statement.Commission for Gender Equality's Javu Baloyi told News24 that with decriminalisation, sex workers would operate in a safer space without being arrested or victimised and harassed by police.In an interview with one sex worker in Cape Town, she said: "The colored police officer grabbed me, and my clothes came off.Then they pepper sprayed me in my mouth and beat me".Many sex workers face random and unjustified violence from the police and can't report that violence to anyone.

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They also provide health services for sex workers since they can't access them elsewhere.Local criminal gangs dominate child sex trafficking.Nigerian gangs control the sex industry in several provinces.Decriminalisation would see criminal penalties being removed for sex workers as well as those making use of their services.Visit our special report, #ANCVotes, for all the news, analysis and opinions about the ANC’s national elective conference.

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