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Keep checking for updates from the next round - wish all the readers luck ! The children of 5S are very proud to tell you all about Unicef and the work that Alston School have been doing this week; for the rights of children around the world.We have been discussing why children need rights, what can sometimes stop children from having these rights and most importantly of all, what these rights actually are.Today’s Star of the week is Idrees Ahmed with his emotional English piece of work ‘I am Idrees’ Mrs Simpson harrowing voice deafened my ears as she screamed “Bombs were dropping”. In English we have been reading ‘Oranges in no man’s land’ by Elizabeth Laird. The main character is called Ayesha and there has been Bombs hitting Lebanon. Then there house got hit and there Mama died- very emotional so far! Anyway back to Ayesha, she has made a new friend, who is deaf, named Samar. Well done 5S for fair play, and working together collaboratively!Miss Shaw told us we were sat on the coach as it drove; it was as fast as light. Today in our lesson, studying Oranges in no man’s land. Miss Shaw This week we have been learning about refugees and how awful the lives are that some of them have, how sad!In maths we are learning about angles, it was extremely hard and we used protractors.

Two children called Aisha Ali and kiyan Donaldson in 5s are role playing the street child in Lesson today (Monday).

When the war started it was a Civil War which means the same country fighting. She went to the militiaman to get cooking oil for her family sadly, she left empty handed. That shows hard work and courage also determination leads to success. Each pupil belonged to a team, and completed a mathematical treasure hunt among other exciting and interesting investigations!

He wanted a bike for his Birthday but instead his mother gave him a guitar for his birthday so that what inspired Elvis Presley to become a Musician he was poor then he became very Rich also he lived in a Mansion. (Photos below) On Tuesday 12th January, 5S took part in lots of practical maths activities.

Five class winners from each year 5 class joined in the millennium room for three rounds of intense comprehension and inference questioning.

Even though only Five children could go through to the next round, all 15 children made their teachers and class very proud.

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