Updating xml using vb6

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So you can make new characters, but levelling is out of the question.

updating xml using vb6-18

updating xml using vb6-24

Acrobat Reader is free to download and use, so portability/compatiblility is not an issue.

Almost everything is automatically calculated, a database provides quick reference to powers, skills, feats, class descriptions and other bits and bobs, and you can go as far as to add house rules and reformat the standard character sheet.

When you’re done, you can save the character off for later editing, and printing is right there as well.

Adding a power or feat gives you access to a massive, graphical database of what I can only assume is all the current 4e content.

It’s on the awesome side of, well, awesome and must have taken a significant amount of effort to compile. Hit points and defenses are calculated automatically once all the required data is in place, and drop-down boxes allow you to easily select your race and class. Okay, it’s not as bad as VB6, but it’s not best-case.

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