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Another noted structure is the square Tai'an Building built of stone more than 240 years ago.It also has three concentric walls and three floors.Visitors to the mountain often sit and sip a cup of Hakka-style Gongfu tea.The strength of the golden tea, if never tasted before, can be a shock, but its sweetness is then worth another sip.A trip of three to five days can take in the county's excellent ecology and natural scenery, its variety of ancient Hakka homes and folklore, and visit some of the cradles of Han music and opera.

Based on the clinical manifestations and family history, highly suspected cases can be screened for in the general population and the diagnosis ruled out by genetic analysis.Far from the frenetic pace of Guangdong's industrial cities, the county of Dabu in the northeast of the province offers an enchanting escape to another world of lush forests, waterfalls and distinctive ancient architecture.Adjacent to Fujian province, Dabu is a county administered by the city of Meizhou about 500 km from Hong Kong and Guangzhou.During the last decades, there have been great advances in the research of hereditary CRC in China.Summary: This review mainly focuses on advances of the genetic basis, clinicopathological features, diagnosis, chemoprevention and treatment of hereditary CRC in China.

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